Political Science - دانشکده حقوق و علوم سیاسی
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About Us


With a history of more than half a century, the Political Science Department is one of the oldest in Iran. It has 29 faculty members among which 12 are assistant professors, 9 are associated professors and 8 are professors. Focusing on teaching and research, the department admits students at the B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. levels. In the B.A. level, students are admitted to political science as a general discipline. In the graduate level (M.A. and Ph.D.) however they can concentrate on one of four subfields: Iranian studies, political thought, public and political sociology. Depending on future needs, the department may consider opening other subfields such as development studies, political behavior and political psychology.




  1. B.A. level: teaching political science in general by emphasizing on history in subjects such as Iranian political thought, area studies and public policy.
  2. M.A. level: teaching political science by emphasizing four sub-disciplines in political thought, political sociology, Iranian studies, and public policy.
  3. Ph.D. level: teaching and research in political science by emphasizing on critical review of the literature particularly regarding theories and their application in specific case studies.


Program lengths:

B.A. : four years,

M.A. : two years

Ph.D. : 3-4 years


Role and the capacity of graduates:

B.A. level: graduates should be capable of understanding and discerning basic concepts in political science and political developments in Iran.

M.A. level: graduates are required to have the capability of understanding theoretical and practical issues of political science with respect to the above four mentioned sub-disciplines.

Ph.D. level graduates are expected to have mastered the necessary knowledge for fundamentally analyzing one of the four sub-disciplines.



MA Sub-disciplines : 

Iranian studies

Political Sociology

Political Thought

Public Policy

Ph.D. Sub-disciplines: 

Iranian Studies

Political Sociology

Political Thought

Public Policy