Private and Islamic Law - دانشکده حقوق و علوم سیاسی
- Thu, 7 Dec 2023

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About Us


Department of Private and Islamic Law


  • Introduction

The Department of Private and Islamic Law is the oldest law department in Iran. At present, it has 26 faculty members consisting of professors, associate and assistant professors.

The Department accepts students for undergraduate, master's and Ph.D programs. The undergraduate program is in legal studies. LLM programs include Private Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Commercial and Economic Law, Transportation Law, Financial Law. Also, two Ph.D programs in Private Law, and International Trade and Investment Law are offered.


  • Objectives:

Educating Students in the field of Private and Islamic Laws in order to enable them to conduct advanced research in these fields and to train them to become able lawyers, judges, legal advisors and other related jobs in the field.


  • Courses:


Law (Undergraduate) – Four years

  • Private Law (LLM) – Two years
  • International Commercial and Economic Law (LLM) – Two years
  • Intellectual Property Law (LLM) – Two years
  • Carriage Law (LLM) – Two years
  • Financial Law (LLM) – Two years
  • Private Law (Ph.D) – Five years
  • International Trade Law and Foreign Investment (Ph.D) – Five years


  • Graduate careers:


Teaching and research in legal and social fields, as well as future careers as judges, lawyers and legal counselors